Two Storey Terrace House, strategically located with good connectivity of major highways. Residents will enjoy an abundance of amenities and facilities within the established township.

Two Storey Terrace House

19.5-19.68 x 65.5

1910 - 1940 sqft

64 units


Malay Reserve

  Double Storey Terrace House, in a matured area with excellent accessibility, amenities and facilities. Your dream home may soon be a reality.

Double Storey Terrace House

20 x 64

1926 sqft

23 units


Malay Reserve

Double Storey Terrace, perfectly built with variety of facilities that offer comfortable living, suitable for the modern lifestyle and ample space for a growing family.

Double Storey Terrace

21 x 62

20 x 74.5

52 Units


Open Title

Limited Units Available

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